What is Botox in Dentistry?

Botox treatment has started to be used  in dentistry for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes in recent years. Botox is used safely in  gingival smiles called Gummy Smile, in the treatment of Bruxism (teeth clenching – grinding), and in the rejuvenation of the oral environment

Botox and Dermal Filling

When working on smile aesthetics in dentistry, the most challenging issue for the physician is the Gummy Smile, which means the gums are prominent while laughing or talking. Even if the gums are shortened by gingivectomy surgery, this method may not be sufficient most of the time. Especially when laughing, the gums come to the fore due to the fact that the muscles of that region are very active. Botox treatment can be used to prevent this. 2-3 U/Area Botox application to the muscle called “M. Levator Labii Superioris Alaeque Nasi” and 1-2 U/Area Botox injection in 4 injection sites of the muscle called “M. Orbicularis Oris” can provide the desired results for the treatment.

Especially in the upper lip, dermal filling materials may be used to make the gum less visible by increasing the volume of the lower border of the lip. Since the upper lips of patients with Gummy Smile are usually more voluminous, it is also useful to provide facial aesthetics and balance.

The other important issue is the loss of lower face height. Depending on the age of the patients, the distance between the tip of the jaw and the tip of the nose narrows due to the wear on the teeth. The Oral Commisura rotates downwards and Marionet lines are formed. When planning the restoration of teeth, it is necessary to increase the vertical size.

Lower Face Section Aesthetics

The complete restoration of the lips, upper lip area, jaw, teeth, and gum, which is called the lower face section aesthetics is one of the new trends in the world in terms of both oral health and aesthetics. In this trend, dentists and physicians who practice medical aesthetics work together.

When patients apply to the clinic for aesthetic dental treatment, the team evaluates the entire face. First of all, it is very important to understand the wishes and expectations of the patient. It may not be possible to meet the expectation only by genetically developing and beautifying the teeth. It is possible to make teeth more beautiful and younger with aesthetic laminates and whitening treatments. With Aesthetic Porcelain Laminates and Veneers, the desired smile can be regained, but the face should be evaluated as a whole.

If the renewed bright teeth are supported by the rejuvenation of the surrounding tissues along with the treatment, the treatment will bring out the best result. The loss of tissue on the lips is slightly supplemented with dermal fillers. The prominent smile lines, the collapses of the cheekbones and cheeks are again filled with fillers. Botox application is performed to prevent the mimic lines around the eyes and forehead from becoming prominent. The treatment program for skin regeneration is initiated. With the renewed and shaped tooth structure, integrity is provided in the rejuvenation of the face.

Garanti edilmiş



Dental tedavilerinizi en güncel materyallerin kullanıldığı, sterilizasyon ve dezenfeksiyon protokollerinin titizlikle uygulandığı hijyenik ve konforlu bir ortamda gerçekleştiriyoruz.


İmplant Tedavisi

İmplant tedavisi, çürük ya da kırılma gibi farklı nedenlerle kaybedilen dişleri hem fonksiyon hem de estetik açıdan geri kazandırmak için yapılan bir tedavidir.


Gülüş Tasarımı

Kişiye özel planlanan gülüş estetiği uygulamalarında gülümsemeyi önleyen faktörler ortadan kaldırılarak dişlerde altın oran yakalanmaktadır.


Sağlıklı Diş Etleri

Birçok anlamda ağzınız, vücudunuzun genel durumunun bir aynası olarak görülebilir. Özellikle periodontal durumumuz diş etlerimizde bölgesel olarak ne olduğundan çok daha fazlasını söyleyebilir.